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Music of the Faroe Islands

It’s another debut album with Lyon Hansen in a lead role. Lot of musical genres are mixed in the album «Lyon»: blues, rock, folk and many other “innovations”. And all this sounds rather naturally and, what’s most important, authentic. And if you’re very attentive, you’ll find something similar between Lyon’s works and Drowned Session, Dánjal, Høgni and Budam; still it’s rather a try to compare him with somebody than an ultimate truth. The greatest composition in this album for me is «Sister». It’s not so cheerful, as two previous tracks, but it’s still a bit straightforward – acoustic guitar and Lyon’s sweet vocals harmonize well. Better with each song. Apart from «Sister», I was impressed by «In Your World» (this compositions heats up the whole album), surprised by «Muddy Stream» (this magic la-la-la-la-la) and «Sarabande», lulled with «The Highlands». «Ode To War» reminded me of Nick Cave , and the «Sleep» simply entranced me. By the way, in «Miss Death»,  «Blood», «Glowing In The Dark», «A Ship» we hear the backing vocals and percussion of Benjamin Petersen (he also is a co-producer of the record, and recorded Lyon’s album with Theodor Kapnas at Studio Bloch and Bunkarin). There’s one more musician here, who’s also visited Russia – Per Ingvald Petersen. He’s always a great drummer. Read the rest of the article: http://faroesemusic.reaktivist.ru/eivor-analog-nord-dogg-nonsgjogv-drowned-session-hamradun-benjamin-lyon-ranchus-%D0%B8-punjab/

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