In my work I interpret and express through mixed media, both 2D and sculpture, the sociological, cultural and ‘human connectivity’ aspects of how the landscape and nature is now, has been and what it is becoming. My experience comes from being out in nature and researching how I connect myself with the fact that landscape as we know it is in metamorphosis epoch, throughout history nature has been revered, feared and spiritual bonded with the human connectiveness and prehistorical connection. The human connectivity with nature comes from three main components: the cognitive component which is the crux of nature connectiveness and how integrated one feels when connected to nature. The affective component which is the individual responsibility one feels towards the care of nature. And last the behavioural component which refers to the individual need one feels responsible towards protecting the environment. 

The aim of my sculptures is to create an extended experience of landscape, and by doing so approaching it with a subjected and liaised stance of experiencing nature first hand as well as through second hand research.

The main aspects of my research, to gain a greater understanding of landscape, comes from literature, history and Nordic mythology, looking at it from a human documented standpoint making it a romantic and melancholy view as artistic documentation tends to be.

Much like my research methods, through my 2D practice, where I use mixed media as well as traditional methods like screen-print, painting and drawing, my aim is to tell a narrative and create an atmosphere of human relations towards nature and our sense of connectiveness, how we place ourselves and our emotions in dialog with landscape. I study the larger picture of human connectiveness with nature as well as zooming in to the finer details found in nature, the grainy unique organic and figurative forms that emerge in mark making, painting and ceramics.

Artist Statement

Bachelor in Contemporary Arts 

Graduated with Honours First Class 

Currently undergoing a Masters in Fine Arts

Bath Spa University of Art and Design in Bath, Great Britain.

Bath Spa University of Art and Design in Bath, Great Britain.

Technical Skills

Painting - Photoshop - InDesign - Illustrator - Premier Pro - Animator - After Effects - Web Design - Photography - Graphic Design - Printing - Typography - Photography - Multi Media - Writing - Pro Tools - Sound Sculpture - Collaborations.

Contact Me

I am a Faroese Graphic Designer and Fine Artist currently based in Bath UK. I work in a variety of visual fields. I do commissions and collaborations. If interested in working with me or commissioning me for work please get in touch, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


T-  00298251887

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